Laboratory Equipment

lab-equipment-1We maintain a fully equipped gemological laboratory. We have equipment available for in-office appointments as well as appointments at your location. Services are provided by appointment only. Please contact us at 404-840-1264 or via email to schedule an appointment.

Trinocular Microscopes

Duplex II Refractometer




Ultraviolet SW/LW

Fiber Optic Light

10X and Darkfield Loupes

Chelsea Color Filter

Hanneman Color Filters

Touchstone and Acids

Digital Millimeter Gauges

Pearl Gauge

Dazor Diamond Grading Light

Graded Master Comparison CZ Stones

Thermal Conductivity Diamond Tester

Pennyweight/Gram/Carat Scalelab-equipment-2


Digital Cameras

CloudDome Photo Studio

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ionic Cleaner